About Us


I'm a graphic designer and T-Shirt artist from B.C. Canada and I have been connected to Volkswagens for as long as I can remember.

My folks had 2 different Beetles when I was very young.  Here I am with our 1963 Beetle.   I still remember taking long trips lying down in the scratchy "back-of-the-back" (behind the rear seat) with the smell of musty horsehair.  It was either there, or on the floor sleeping on "the hump"  as we called it. 

When I was old enough to drive I got my first VW....a 1976 gold Bug.  That was followed a few years later by a 1957 oval window Beetle and then my favourite...a 1956 single cab truck.  It was pink and white and probably the coolest VW I've ever owned to this day.   Unfortunately, I sold it for a "more reliable" vehicle to have kids.   Since then, a '73 Westfalia and then a whole list of various water cooled Dubs including Cabrios, Golfs, Diesel Beetle, and a Beetle Cabriolet.  As I said, it gets in your blood.   The hunt is on now is for another "Splitty".  It is all part of living the BusLife.